2 = financial, fiscal, pecuniary.
Ex. SIA in the United Kingdom covers information on travel and transport, economics in EEC countries, construction of nuclear power stations, and financial information.
Ex. The effect of fiscal pressures is particularly evident for government on-line systems, such as DOE/RECON.
Ex. George Watson Cole refers to his mental derangement and pecuniary embarrassment.
* analista financiero = finance analyst.
* apoyo financiero = financial backing.
* asesor financiero = financial advisor.
* ayuda financiera = financial assistance, fund assistance.
* centro financiero = financial centre.
* director financiero = finance director, chief financial officer.
* incertidumbre financiera = economic uncertainty.
* industria de servicios financieros, la = financial services industry, the.
* industria financiera, la = finance industry, the.
* mercado financiero = financial market, financial exchange.
* programa de gestión financiera = cash management package, cash management software.
* riesgo financiero = financial risk.
* sector financiero, el = finance sector, the.
* solidaridad financiera = financial solidarity.
* solvencia financiera = credit standing.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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